spotBe features
SpotBe is a collaboration network for both your private and business life - share, write, be creative, plan, delegate, organise...
within spots
In spotBe you communicate within spots. Spots are where the action is, you can think of them as instant communities. Spots are quickly created and you can invite more people to join anytime.
Make spots public
All spots are private and hidden by default. They will not be visible for others and can not be discovered when searching. But you can make spots public so people can discover them and join on their own.
Control who can join
Public spots can be found by others, they can see the content and must join to contribute.
Invite people to spots
Decide whether only you can invite or any spot member can invite new users. Let users ask to join public spots or just allow everyone to join.
Post things
Post is a message that you'll write to everyone in the spot. Messages are shown in the order you posted them. You can also post images, documents, links to things or locations. Each link will show a preview of what you're linking to. If you linked to...
Organize events
Invite people, track who is coming, discuss events. You can create more events per spot.
Share documents
Upload documents to spots, organize them in folders, share documents or folders and save documents to various services, from Dropbox to FTP servers. Discuss the documents and see who is discussing them.
Create photo albums
Organize uploaded and attached photos in albums. Share and export albums. Discuss photos.
Create, assign and track tasks
Specify a deadline and a responsible person for a task or publish a task that can be picked up by someone. Organize tasks in groups.
Create and share
lists of things
Organize uploaded and attached photos in albums. Share and export albums. Discuss photos.
Create polls
You can decide if a poll should be completely anonymous or if you want to delay showing results until after the poll closes.
Upload documents and images from Dropbox, Picasa, Facebook,...
You can choose from more than 15 different sources to upload directly from. No need to first gather images on your computer and upload them - login directly to your Picasa account and select images from there.
Link things
You can link items on spotbe and items in the internet. If possible spotBe will automatically create a preview of what you're linking to and also show a brief summary of the link whenever you hover over it.
Exchange private messages
Send private messages to people outside the context of a spot. You can also have group chats with more people. You can choose to be notified per email when something new happens in the chat and also reply per email if you wish.
Customize your spots
Decide what people can do in your spots. You can restrict what people can create - posts, create events, tasks, lists - or even decide that only you can post and others can only comment. Or make your spot read-only for everyone else.
Lastly, do all of this in an intuitive, simple and clean user interface.
We persuaded our parents (we are not teenagers) to use spotBe on regular basis.
Enough said. ; )
Be on the spot! : )