About spotBe!

spotBe is a network of instant communities (we call them spots) designed to help you organize, share, and keep in touch in a private, intuitive and secure way.

We created it out of our personal need to communicate within different groups in our private and work lives. It had to be simple, intuitive and fun to use while offering various ways to communicate in a private and secure environment.

It brings individuals, groups, teams and organisations together.

spotBe is designed to give you a wealth of possibilities to create content but still keep you in control. You decide who participates and sees things and how much others know about you.

What spotBe does?
In spotBe you create an instant community - a spot - for each interest or topic...
invite people to your spots
and communicate privately
create events
and calendars
keep track of things to do
for a person or entire group
put your group or
activity on the map
archive material from
your completed activities
and much more
We're still in "beta testing" - what does this mean?

We put this site live in March 2014. We spent a lot of time creating the platform in a way that will ensure a stable and reliable operation but also allow us to grow rapidly over the next months and years.

Since the service is still in it's infancy, we know that it will show some quirks and we'll experience a glitch here and there. This phase will last for several more months until we are certain we've polished the functionality and eradicated annoying issues.

In addition, we are always looking for ways to make it more approachable, simple and fun to use. Since all of us are looking at it every single day, we might have gotten used to one or two things that can be made better.

For both of these, we'll more than appreciate your input and feedback - you can get in touch with us anytime or post in the discussion spot.

A bit about cookies

To bring you spotBe, we and our partners use cookies on our website. Cookies help personalize spotBe content, allow you to securely stay logged in after you close the browser, and provide you with a better, faster, safer spotBe experience. By using our website, you agree to let us leave a cookie on your computer. They are used only to allow you to log in easier and identify you while using the site. We don't share them with anyone else or give out any information derived from their use.

And who are we?

spotBe is made in Europe by a group of enthusiastic geeks, creativity dorks and idea freaks who worked passionately to develop what at first seemed to be just another random idea but turned into a platform we love ourselves.

We hope that despite all our silliness we've managed to give you a stable and professionally managed application you'll enjoy using.

There's a spot for everyone!
spotBe is operated by Sonamis Co. Ltd, Malta, Europe.